Standing Committees established by NEMLA Constitution and By-Laws

Publications Committee

Jennifer Hadley, Newsletter Editor, (Chair, 2021-2023) jthom at

Liz Berndt-Morris, Web Editor, (2019-2021), eaberndtmorris at
Videographer: Vacant

Instruction Committee

Sara White (Chair, 2019-2021), sarawhite087 at

Donna Maher (2021-2023), donna.maher at
Patrick Quinn (2020-2022), pquinn at
Karen Jung (2020-2022), kjung at

Education and Outreach Committee

Allison Estell (Chair, 2020-2022), estella at

Liz Berndt-Morris (2019-2021), eaberndtmorris at
Memory Apata (2021-2022), memory.r.apata at

Technical Services Committee

Anne Adams (Chair, 2019-2022), anneadams at

Andrea Cawelti, (2020-2022), cawelti at
Jennifer Thom Hadley (2021-2023), jthom at
Kristin Heider (2020-2022), kheider at
Kerry Masteller (2021-2023), kmastell at
Rebecca McCallum (2020-2022), rmccallum at
Hannah Spence (2020-2022), hannah.spence at

Nominating Committee

Lisa Wollenberg (Chair, 2021-2022) lwollenbe at

Adaliz Cruz (fall 2019-fall 2021), adaliz.cruz at
Michael Rogan (fall 2019-fall 2021), mrogan01 at
Chris Schiff (fall 2019-fall 2021), cschiff at

Program Committee

Memory Apata (Chair, 2021-2022), memory.r.apata at

Jared Rex (fall 2020- fall 2022), jrex at

Oral History Committee

(Currently inactive)